The 78th Venice International Film Festival: Biennale College – Cinema and Biennale College Cinema – Virtual Reality

Biennale College – Cinema

Six of the feature films to be screened at the 78th Venice Film Festival have been selected, developed, and produced within Biennale College – Cinema, an advanced training laboratory launched at the 2012 Venice Film Festival,  and open to young filmmakers from all over the world for the production of low-budget films. In addition to the 4 films from the ninth edition (2020/2021) of Biennale College Cinema (Al Oriente, La Tana, Nuestros Días Más Felices, The Cathedral), 2 feature-length films from the eighth edition will be also shown, after their original screening was postponed for a year (La Santa Piccola and Mon Père, Le Diable).  

8th Edition

  • LA SANTA PICCOLA by SILVIA BRUNELLI, producers: FRANCESCA MARIA SCANU, VALENTINA QUARANTINI with Francesco Pellegrino, Vincenzo Antonucci, Sophia Guastaferro, Pina Di Gennaro, Gianfelice Imparato, Alessandra Mantice, Sara Ricci, Carlo Gertrude / Italy / 97’
  • MON PÈRE, LE DIABLE by ELLIE FOUMBI, producers: ELLIE FOUMBI, JOSEPH MASTANTUONO with Babetida  Sadjo, Souleymane  Sy Savané, Jennifer Tchiakpe, Franck Saurel, Martine Amisse / USA / 107’

9th Edition

  • AL ORIENTE by JOSÉ MARÍA AVILÉS, producer: JULIETA JUNCADELLA with Alejandro Espinosa, Paulet Arévalo, Santiago Villacís, Oliver Utne / Ecuador / 100‘
  • LA TANA by BEATRICE BALDACCI, producers: ANDREA GORI, AURORA ALMA BARTIROMO with Irene Vetere, Lorenzo Aloi, Helénè Nardini / Italy / 88’
  • NUESTROS DÍAS MÁS FELICES by SOL BERRUEZO PICHON-RIVIÈRE, producer: LAURA MARA TABLÓN with Matilde Creimer Chiabrando, Lide Uranga, Antonella Saldicco, Cristián  Jensen, Claudio Martínez Bel / Argentine / 100
  • THE CATHEDRAL by RICKY D’AMBROSE, producer: GRAHAM SWON with Brian d’Arcy James, Monica Barbaro, Mark Zeisler, Geraldine Singer, William Bednar-Carter / USA / 87’

Biennale College – Cinema, created by La Biennale di Venezia, is supported by the Ministry of Culture – Cinema Head Office. Academic collaboration is provided to Biennale College – Cinema by The Gotham Film & Media Institute in New York and TorinoFilmLab. The Laboratory’s Director is Alberto Barbera and the Head of Programme is Savina Neirotti. 

The ninth edition of Biennale College – Cinema again enjoys the support of Eurimages, the cultural fund of the European Council, to cover the travel, accommodation, and training expenses for a female director (Eurimages Residency Grant). This year, the recipient is Patricia Pérez Fernández (Spain), the director of the film La extranjera. Biennale College Cinema has further supported the project by promoting its participation in the Venice Gap Financing Market. 

Biennale College Cinema – Virtual Reality

The project, selected for the fifth edition (2020/2021) of Biennale College Cinema – Virtual Reality, which received a production grant of  €60,000 from La Biennale di Venezia and which will be screened at the 78th Venice Film Festival (Venice VR Expanded) is:

  • LAVRYNTHOS by AMIR ADMONI, FABITO RYCHTER, producer: FABITO RYCHTER with Alice Braga, Louis Ozawa / Brazil, Peru / 16’

The Biennale College Cinema – Virtual Reality projects have received generous funding from the MEDIA – Creative Europe Programme of the European Commission – General Direction Connect. This funding is in addition to the support received from the MEDIA Programme for the development of the Venice Production Bridge.

All the teams received support for everything involving the creative process, production, audiences of reference, and analysis of financial aspects.