Big Stupid by Victor Gischler

Big Stupid by Victor Gischler

Written by brilliant master of hard-boiled and famous comic book screenwriter Victor Gischler, BIG STUPID is a steamy gumbo of sex and violence.

“Victor Gischler just became one of my favorites. His books and stories are killer. Cold as dry ice, clever and funny. Man, this guy has it going on” (Joe R. Lansdale).

Big Stupid by Victor Gischler

Big Stupid, cover art by Angelo Bussacchini

Authors: Victor Gischler
Publisher: LA CASE Books
ISBN: 9788868700737
Price: 1,99 $
Available on

Payne Kirby is a good old boy from Louisiana. He’s lazy. He drinks too much. When his brother Ray offers Payne an opportunity to fund his slack-ass lifestyle, Payne jumps at the chance.

Ray is a bail bondsman and calls in Payne to track down a skipped getaway thief. He sends Payne to Baton Rouge where the local thugs hook him up with a “tour guide” to show him around town.

Enter Big Stupid. In Payne’s words, Big Stupid looks like “the black guy from The Green Mile ate Andre the giant.” At first Payne is impatient with his new hulking, slow-witted sidekick, but as they continue to track the money through the steaming summer cities of Baton Rouge and New Orleans, they become a team.
Meanwhile, a Cat-4 hurricane brews in the Gulf and is headed straight for New Orleans…

Written by brilliant master of hard-boiled and famous comic book screenwriter Victor Gischler, BIG STUPID is a steamy gumbo of sex and violence.

POPCORN: when reading a book is like watching a movie with some pop corn and a coke!

Amazon reviews:

Gadshill 5/5: “Finished this thing in two hours. Not gonna lie, amazing. Wish there was more fiction like this. Good story, great characters, without delving too far into back story. Just fun.”

Brian L. Parker 4/5: Victor Gischler is one of my favorite authors and he didn’t disappoint with this short story. I love the gritty noir detective stories that he writes so well. Somewhere between “Gun Monkeys” and “Shotgun Opera” I decided that I wanted to write as well and while I write in different genres, he’s been a major inspiration to me as a writer. The way he spins a tale is truly masterful and I can’t wait for his next work!

Pennsylvania Husker 5/5: “It’s Victor Gischler, what more needs said! Great book but was over way too fast.”

Walter Conley 4/5: Big Stupid does what it’s supposed to. It’s a fast, sexy, violent, wisecracking tale that can be read in one sitting. But Victor Gischler also adds a lot of heart to this story. The final sequence, as the characters race to settle things against the approach of a hurricane, is concisely and brilliantly rendered. And the ending stunned me, ringing in my head for a quite a while after I’d set the book down. 4.5, really.

Scott 5/5: “Looking for a great crime short story?? Look no further. A good time will be had by all. Check it out.”

Tom Hailand 5/5: “I’ll have to get all Victor’s books. Big Stupid should be back in a longer book, a full length novel”.



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