CCTVYLLE, the comics series begins with a scary and dream-like scenario, a distopical and catchy mix.

This number zero is just a prelude. It gives hints, captures the reader and creates suspanse. The narrative context is both coherent and catchy, the final result is a very fine beginning of a gloomy story.

CCTVYLLE, the new comics series, builds up in a few pages a potential future, a scary scenario based on the government’s mania for order and control. The drawings are rich and their colors are just perfect for such a visionary introduction to the story itself. This kind of distopy is very similar to the ones we are used to bump into in literature, but getting to actually see the effect that such a world has on the people, gives a sense of mere reality, creating an horrifying effect in the reader.

CCTVYLLE, la recensione

The setting is a possible future London. The hybrids, some artificially modified birds, are in charge of controlling the people. They are a sort of flying cameras and create files about each citizen: everyone is spyed and associated with a degree of danger. Everyone is a criminal, everyone could rebel, everyone has to be kept under control.

CCTVYLLE, la recensione 1

Criminality, at least in the sense we intend it today, doesn’t exist anymore but both privacy and freedom have gone up in smoke in favor of such a perfect society. Damien and Sean, two friends, are the main characters of the series.

Damien is an ordinary boy, terrified by the hybrids; Sean is constantly hidden under his cap. Who’s the chief of the hybrids? Who’s governing the city and why? How did things get so bad?

Gianluca Bonomo has said that CCTVYLLE was born thanks to a dream; it is a mixture of a visionary project exploring the consequences of CCTV security system and an over technological world. Diego Blanda and Salvatore Porcaro took care of the script and the drawings.
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