Zenko Games is proud to announce DIAMONST Augmented Reality RPG a first playable demo is already available on the Google Play for Android and soon on the App Store for iOS

DIAMONST Augmented Reality RPG, a firt palyable demo is already available on the Google Play for Android and soon on the App Store for iOS.

Zenko Games launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund DIAMONST Agumented Reality RPG.

Game Overview

DIAMONST Augmented Reality  RPG is a mobile game with a specific goal: make you live a Gaming Adventure in the real world.

Unlike other Augmented Reality games currently on the market, DIAMONST will be a story-driven experience with a single player campaign that will take place in the real world and a classic turn-based gameplay studied for competitive and strategic multiplayer duels.

As others traditional RPGs, during the story of DIAMONST Augmented Reality RPG you will meet NPCs, human characters, that will talk with you, they will give you quests and missions and, of course, there will be the bad guys to fight in strategic Augmented Reality duels.

DIAMONST Augmented Reality RPG belong to the “catch” genre and during your adventure you will be able to capture more than 100 different monsters that you will have to train and evolve in order to have the best team for the single player campaign but also for the online or face-to-face duels with other players.

DIAMONST Augmented Reality RPG is based on three pillars:

  • A single player campaign
  • A competitive and strategic gameplay
  • A virtual pet mode called DIAMONST care


The story of DIAMONST Augmented Reality has three main sources of inspiration: Dragonball, The Myths of Cthulhu and Saint Seiya: The Knights of the Zodiac.

At the beginning of the game there will be a metor storm that bring on the Earth these monsters that are stored inside diamond-shaped crystals (hence the name DIAMONST).

Then, the player will meet a professor, a mix between an archaeologist and a geologist, that has been studying similar crystals already on the Earth for all his life and in exchange of some help with his researches, he will give the player his first DIAMONST.

Soon an ancient prophecy will be found, if eight pieces of an artefact will be reunited, a powerful god-like monster can be summoned (here the reference with Dragonball).

Some bad guys will find this out and start a cult that worship this monster (here the reference with th Myths of Cthulhu) and the player will have to stop them before they will be able to collect all the pieces.

During the story, the player will find out that the DIAMONST already visited the Earth in the past and inspired the mythology that we know today like legends, myths and constellations and they get their power from the stars in the universe (here the reference with Saint Seiya) and now they are coming back for the reasons of the story…


It doesn’t matter if the player will live in a big city or in the country side, the game will ask at the beginning to draw the limits of the map and then proceed to put the events and the missions of the campaign inside those boundaries.

Players will be able to mark new playable areas that the system can use to place story events, items or NPCs. 
These areas will be public and other players can see them on their maps.
Playable areas can be flagged by other players as unsafe or unreachable and, after a review, can be eliminated.

Troll-Players that flag to many areas as unreachable or unsafe will lose the ability to flag other areas if those areas were playable.

Troll-Players that mark to many areas that get later flagged as unreachable or unsafe and are confirmed as that, will lose the ability to mark new areas. Competitive and Strategic Gameplay

If at a first look DIAMONST seems very close to Pokèmon (we know and we did it on purpose), some mechanics will make it more similar to card games like Magic, Hearthstone and Yu-gi-oh, with a touch of Yo-Kay Watch.

Each DIAMONST has a mana pool that recharge at every turn and can bring into battle 4 different moves each one with a mana cost. A DIAMONST can make more attacks per turn if it has enough mana and when it dies, it passes its remaining mana to another DIAMONST of the same element.
This open up to a whole new set of strategies, like using a “tank” as first DIAMONST that can farm a lot of mana to transfer to the second one that has been built with high cost moves that he wouldn’t been able to do without the sacrifice of the first.

A lot of focus will be put on terrain moves and same-element or intra-team synergies, for example, grass DIAMONST can plant flowers on the field that can restore health points to other grass type DIAMONST, ice type can build a wall between the characters that must be taken down before to deal a direct damage and so on with every type that will have a different playing style.

To make the turn-based mechanic more entertaining we also added a gesture phase in which the player will have to perform an action on the screen (slash/tap/circle…) to receive a bonus (speed, critical rate, an effect on more turns…).

It’s a gameplay built for the multiplayer and we hope to start a competitive scene and become one of the firsts Augmented Reality E-Sports

DIAMONST Care – A Virtual Pet mode

The DIAMONST will be the companion of your journey and so you will have to take good care of them.

In the DIAMONST care mode you will be able to play minigames, customize their skins and gain training points to rise their statistics.

It would not reach the extremes of Tamagotchi where you have to constantly feed the creatures, but it will offer some nice gameplay variations and funny moments to bond with your favourite DIAMONST.

End game mode and extra features

At the end of the story mode there will be many activities to do:

  • Clans and Outpost conquest

Every player can create an Outpost where he wants (in a playable area, see Geolocalization) and put a team in defence of it. If he belongs to a clan, other members can add their teams after they beat the defending team.

Other players, lone or of other clans, can conquer the Outpost if they defeat all the defending teams.

  • Academies and Great Masters of the elements

At the end of the single player campaign, Academies will be established to train new duellist for any future threats. In an Academy, the player can train against a type-specialized NPC called the Great Master of the element (e.g. Great Master of the fire), if he beat him, he obtains the title of Master of the element, while if he beat him again, but this time with a type-specialized team of the same element of the Academy, he will take the place of the NPC and will have to battle face-to-face with other pretenders to the title.

  • Puzzles

During the story mode, there will be many different Augmented Reality puzzles to solve (inspired to those in games like The Talos Principle, Portal, Uncharted and the glyphs from Assassin’s Creed). Once solved, some very important information about the lore, like what happened the first time the DIAMONST came on the Earth or from where they are coming, will be revealed.

  • Mines and Greenhouses

DIAMONST can generate resources like fruits and minerals if they are placed inside a greenhouse or in a mine and these resources can be used to craft power ups or potions, it’s a little resource management touch that Technology.

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