“Find Skuld! Chimaera: Anti Nazi Squad” by Matteo Strukul & Marco Piva is one of the best hard-boiled novels of 2013. Review by Andrea Andreetta

Find Skuld! Chimaera: Anti Nazi Squad, review by Andrea AndreettaTitle: Find Skuld! Chimaera: Anti Nazi Squad
Author: Matteo Strukul and Marco Piva Dittrich
Publisher: LA CASE books
Price: $2,99
e-Book available on: Kindle Store, iBookstore, Kobo Store, Google Play, Nook Store

Those who know the two Sugarpulp authors, Matteo and Marco, don’t need explanations. They come from different paths, but the literary product is mixed very well. In fact, I find the result really above my expectations, a bomb!

At Sugarpulp we do not like rough work, especially if it’s made by friends. Better to be sincere and say “it’s awful”… but this is certainly not the case. In fact, Popcorn, the new book series by LA Case books, is amazing! And the motto: when reading a book is like watching a movie with some popcorn and a coke! is just perfect.

I won’t spend a lot of words: Popcorn is a promise, I’m sure with a great future. Other big authors are featured: Victor Gischler with Big Stupid, Anthony Neil Smith with Sin-Crazed Psycho Killer! Dive, Dive, Dive! and Hal Duncan with The Taking of the Stamp. All top-notch authors that we can consider the putative fathers of our story!

But let’s get to it; the long, explanatory title – Find Skuld! Chimaera: Anti Nazi Squad – already contins the whole plot: Skuld to find, Scotsman Ishmael and the Alpino Jericho – members of Chimaera, the Anti-Nazi squad – looking for it. An extremely fast, caustic, sarcastic, insane, terribly ironic story ready to become a Hollywood action movie. And there is a cliffhanger. Pure adrenaline in each chapter. Can’t break away until the end, 100% hard-boiled.

Excited by the story, I’m waiting for the new chapter in a countdown that I hope will be short, because I’ll be the first to buy it.

A clear example of how Italy can produce and export artists of undisputed talent, not because I say so but because Massimo Carlotto, Joe Lansdale and Allan Guthrie say it.

100% Sugarpulp guarantee!

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