Ghostbusters 2016, review by Irene Cesca: absolutely underwhelming. The plot is non-existent and the casting is extremely weird.

  • Cinematography: 8-/10
  • Acting: 7/10
  • Story: 5/10
  • Entertainment: 6–/10



Absolutely underwhelming. The plot is non-existent and the casting is extremely weird. The four main characters are two unknown, an unknown that looks like Jennifer Aniston’s lost twin, and Melissa McCarthy, who was already barely sufferable in Gilmore Girls and has only gone downhill since.

Basically everyone else, on the other hand, is extremely recognizable (Charles Dance, Chris Hemsworth, Bill Murray, Annie Potts, Andy Garcia, Sigourney Weaver), meaning that side characters and cameos are much more interesting than the main cast.

The weirdest part, though, is the characterization. Why make a gender-bender revival of a beloved classic if the fact that the Ghostbusters are now women has absolutely no bearing on the plot at all?? The whole movie could have been made with a male cast and no changes would have been necessary so… What’s the point??

I liked the wacko scientist character, though. She was cool.

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