Sala Web Theatre for the films of the 78th Venice Film Festival and the Biennale Cinema Channel

For the tenth consecutive year, the Sala Web Theatre returns to the Venice International Film Festival for the films from the Orizzonti and Out of Competition sections and the Biennale College – Cinema, with limited ticket availability. The films will be streamed concurrently with the official presentations of the films on the Lido.

This is a special opportunity for audiences around the world to discover the auteurs and films at the Venice Film Festival that represent the most innovative aesthetic and expressive trends in international cinema, made by both young talents and established directors.

The screenings, held on behalf of the Venice Film Festival, for the short films will be available around the world on the website of Festival Scope (, whereas for feature-length films they will be available exclusively for viewers within the territory of Italy, on the website of the new streaming platform Biennale Cinema Channel, managed by, at    

For the short films screened internationally, users must register at to view their selected film, free of charge. Each title (in the original-language version with subtitles) will be available in streaming starting at 6:00 pm (Italian time) on the day the film is presented officially at the Lido, and through September 26th 2021, for a limited number of available viewings.

To view the feature-length films within the territory of Italy, in the original language version with subtitles in Italian, viewers may purchase a three-month subscription for € 19.90 or a yearly subscription for € 70.00 at or to the new Biennale Cinema Channel streaming platform, which already includes an initial library of 40 films from the In Competition, Out of Competition and Orizzonti sections of previous editions of the Venice Film Festival from 2007 to 2020.

Each film will be streamed at a specific time, simulating a traditional screening, after which the film will be available for a further 5 days until all film streamings end.

The complete line-up of films available online will be announced within a few days of the official press conference to present the programme of the Venice International Film Festival.

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