“Stop Skuld! Chimaera: Anti Nazi Squad II” is an action thriller that gives the reader a story full of adrenaline, blood and strong emotions typical of great adventures.

When you read Matteo Strukul, wear something washable. The action is non-stop, and the blood flies off the page (Linwood Barclay)

Matteo Strukul is one of the most important new voices in Italian crime fiction and must be read (Joe Lansdale)

Stop Skuld! by Matteo Strukul & Marco PivaTitle: Stop Skuld! Chimaera: Anti-Nazi Squad II
Authors: Matteo Strukul & Marco Piva Dittrich
Publisher: LA CASE Books
ISBN: 9788868700737
Price: 1,99 $
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Gerico and Ishmael, two commandos of the allied special forces managed to infiltrate the Nazi lines and free Skuld, the ultimate weapon against the ruthless Nazi army. But who or what is really Skuld? Why this almost suicidal mission is so important for the fate of the Second World War? Why an elite troop of Nazis is looking for Skuld and his two companions?

In this new chapter of the serie signed by Matteo Strukul and Marco Piva Dittrich we will finally have the answers to all these questions and above all we will find out that “Skuld” is not “unique”: even the Nazis have in their ranks such a powerful weapon…

“Stop Skuld!” is an action thriller that gives the reader a story full of adrenaline, blood and strong emotions typical of great adventures.

Popcorn, the series

Strong writing, quick stories, quick pace, shameless pop genre literature: new cultural entertainment with an eye to the great 19th century classics (from Verne to Stevenson through Salgari) that mixes classic adventure novels, pulp, hard boiled, and then the language of videogames, history and modern thriller.

This is the reason why the series is being directed by Matteo Strukul, Medici series author: “American and British writers complain that they can’t read many Italian writers because they simply aren’t translated. We started thinking of working together with them to open up to a new audience after Allan Guthrie, a Scottish author (Edgar Award finalist) and literary agent, and Emlyn Rees, the Exhibit A editor, showed a strong belief in my novels because they are full of a so-called Italian flavour transforming pulp into sugarpulp. It was then that I understood that we could make it. With POPCORN we wish to re-launch a taste for the smart entertainment novellas and genre pop literature can give with an eye to the great tradition of publishers such as Black Lizard or Hard Case Crime. Of course I want to thank Giacomo Brunoro and Jacopo Pezzan from LA CASE Books to be brave enough and forward-thinking enough to believe in this series.”

Two more Italians are involved in this project: Angelo Bussacchini, an internationally renowned illustrator and comic artist, and Marco Piva Dittrich, a professional translator who dealt with the top names in tartan noir and makes here his debut as an author.

The rest of the team is formed by two Americans and a Scotsman: Victor Gischler, the star of the new American hard-boiled, comic books author for Marvel and Dark Horse (his X-Men tenure is one of the best selling comic cycles in the US in recent years); Anthony Neil Smith, the “Professor” of US pulp, one of the most loved genre writers in America – and a maverick to boot; Hal Duncan, rising star of Scottish literature (his Vellum and Ink shocked the world).