Books outside the box: lessons for publishers from WeWork, Adidas and IKEA. Alice Revel, The Bookseller.

Innovation in publishing. When’s the last time you saw something in publishing that made you think “WOW”? Have a think. No no, take as long as you like, there’s no rush.

“Publishers can’t innovate. Despite all the resources and talent within publishing, startups have the edge when it comes to innovation”. Words from Prolifiko’s Bec Evans – one of the judges of the BookTech Company of the Year awards, ergo someone who should know. And I couldn’t agree more. I think publishing could be such an exciting space, but it’s so very rare that I see something really new, different and fresh.

So why are publishers so scared of innovation? Do you think you’ll come up with something more innovative than the book itself? As a product which has essentially remained more or less the s

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